What massage services are offered?

Relaxation Massage

A style of massage to unwind and to relax your mind. Most commonly this is most effective for relieving daily stress and can even help with mental disorders. This is typically a full body treatment however the end result of treatment is always discussed with the client prior to starting to ensure there is clear communication on what the desired result of each session will be.

Remedial Massage

A type of service that targets one or few areas to improve range of motion, to minimise pain or soreness and to improve posture. Most common problems people face are headaches, neck aches, back pain and gluteal (buttock) pain, also very common in pregnancy. The next common concern is for people who have suffered an injury or undergone surgery and then getting that muscle or group of muscles working effectively once more. As it is much more in depth with questions and analysing the area or areas affected, I am able to provide a health rebate to my clients for this clinical treatment.

Mobile Massage

Either a relaxation or remedial style treatment in your very own home. Perfect if you have an injury that prevents you from leaving your house or if you are time restrictive. I bring along my table, towels, oil and paperwork and set up in a space where you feel comfortable in your house. This allows you to continue your day quite seamlessly and still benefit from the session.


Corporate Bookings or Function Bookings

A booking of one to three hours for me to treat multiple people. I bring along a massage chair or massage table for the clients to sit or lay on, as well as the equipment coverings and cleaning equipment to maintain hygiene between clients. Generally the treatments are 5-10 minutes each however the time allocation for each person is at the discretion of the organiser. The treatments are typically through clothes as this allows for optimum treatment time.


Gift certificates or vouchers

Are available for any mobile or clinic session for a dollar value. Please contact to arrange this.


What are the prices and availability?

Remedial or relaxation in clinic sessions: BOOK NOW


  • Saturday 9am to 5pm.
  • After hours may be available but limited.


  • Half hour $50
  • Forty-five minute $65
  • One hour $80
  • Ninety-minute $110
Mobile sessions: ENQUIRE


  • Saturday, subject to availability.
  • After hours may be available but limited


  • One hour $100
  • Ninety-minute $130
Corporate Bookings/Function Bookings: ENQUIRE


  • Available any day, subject to availability.


  • Per hour $100, minimum one hour, maximum three ($300).